Postcards and stamps made by microscopic pictures of alternative firework experiments.

The impact of hacking the party!
No fireworks and less social occasions this last month of the year. 2020 is the year of #corona and #vuurwerkverbod. But we will give you a mini-party!! Send a diy-fireworkcard to a friend or familymember. Share this moment and create a spark. A good moment of fun and positivity.

Every experiment of bio-firework was tested! We dived in to the microscopic world of the remains and made images of the beautiful structures and colors.

Lets celebrate with a diy mini party!

This set with 8 cards and 8 different diy-firework-experiments are available now (pre-order available at the 15th of december)!! With or without firework-poststamps! For an overview of the stamps and ordering check this pdf (the costs of 10 poststamps are €11,75).