De Vormforensen

Programs for more perspectives on social, sustainable and cultural theme’s.

Anne-Marie Geurink
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Annelou van Griensven
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De Vormforensen is the graphic design studio of Anne-Marie Geurink and Annelou van Griensven based in Arnhem. They love to shift between content and shape. Both designers are hands-on, love to develop new interests and eager to make self-initiated work.


Graphic Design as a process tool

De Vormforensen use graphic design to structure a process and communicate the outcome. De Vormforensen work for organizations who need help with new solutions, perspectives or strategies. Collaborations, challenges, creating new ideas and concepts, are all examples of goals that fit their method. With the graphic design tool they get people involved in a constructive process with an energetic vibe. De Vormforensen believe that well designed identities, presentations or workshops are part of a successful project and process.


De Vormforensen are specialized in giving direction to stories. Storytelling is about finding the essence and ordering information. Every kind of content needs a surface for the story to be told. De Vormforensen work for curators, publishers and companies to bring their story into the world. We love to tell the complete story from books, signing, identities to new typefaces. 


To achieve a sustainable format/concept and keep a broad perspective of mediums they collaborate with specialized people with talent, passion, curiosity and conviction. Copywriters, printing companies, journalists, researchers, online designers and lens-based designers. With this interdisciplinary team they develop challenging ideas and concepts and transform them with a structured process towards a gassed form within a fitting medium.

For who?

De Vormforensen work with their own graphic  method for cultural-organizations, governments, companies and entrepreneurs.


Annelou van Griensven and Anne-Marie Geurink both are teachers at the art academy ArtEZ. They love to teach and stimulate new designers on the way.

Annelou van Griensven

  • ArtEZ, Third year graphic design students. Design Research.
    First year interaction design students. Design Methodology.
    Last year graphic design students. final exam
  • HKU, lecture, 2013
  • Willem de Koning Academy, lecture’s & minor , 2013, 2014

Anne-Marie Geurink

  • ArtEZ, pre-education product design 2012 - ....
  • Interaction Design, ArtEZ, design research, 2015
  • Finance the basics, ArtEZ 2013 - ....
  • Aventus, MBO media 2018-2019

Honors & Awards

  • Nieuwe Oogst Zefir7, 2008
  • Nieuwe Oogst Zefir7, 2011
  • Best Dutch Book Design’s 2009
  • Nomination Student Prize Graphic Design, 2010
  • Starter stipendium , 2011-2012
  • Best Dutch Book Design 2015
  • Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt, Bronze Medaille, 2016


Download our portfolio in pdf. For questions, coffee or tell a nice story send us an email.

The autonomous designer

De Vormforensen work for companies and entrepreneurs but also love to make their our own work. The last couple of years they developed a natural way for gathering new words, weird phenomena, remarkable events and everyday situations to present fresh perspectives. To give this autonomous part of the studio a framework they  gave it the title: graphic anthropology.

“As graphic anthropologists we are investigating the relation between graphic design and topics from our society and daily lives. It’s a playground in our studio where we can observe and analyze as pragmatic idealists, visual journalists and image-thinkers. We are using this space and freedom to develop our skills, research our interests and discover new visions so we are exploring a new part of the graphic design field.”