The Garden of Seasons

walk through the seasons of Spoorhoek
coaching project

design:  @drosesmee & @benmcmillan
painting: @signpaintersandco 
fotografie: @eva_broekema

Just over a year ago we were assigned by the municipality of Arnhem for a coaching project. We guided Esmee Dros and Benjamin McMillan by creating a design for a mural that would be painted (160 m2) in an alleyway just off Jufferstraat. The outcome is a 4 piece mural, with each wall representing a different season. So whenever you are in Arnhem go to the Jufferstraat, walk through the Seasons of Spoorhoek and read the poems written by @bruno_jacoby_official &

young willow fluff
stretches and yawns
the sweet sound
can not stop smiling

With many thanks to Esmee and Ben for the fine cooperation and this beautiful colorful design.

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