focus op Focus

From a running start to a solid foundation for Focus Filmhuis Arnhem.

Together with the management team of Focus Filmtheater and Focus eten + drinken we looked at the core values and DNA of their new organisation. We arranged an inspiring afternoon at Kweekland withs nice local food and drinks. Based on the briefing, we developed an identity and a number of methods for this workshop. The goal of this afternoon was to review the existing mission & vision and put new concrete ideas on paper. Important themes that received attention were: sustainability, diversity, education & creativity, experience and vision, policy & communication.

De Vormforensen use graphic design to structure a process and communicate the outcome. We work for organizations who need help with new solutions, perspectives or strategies. Collaborations, challenges, creating new ideas and concepts, are all examples of goals that fit their method. With graphic design and our methods as a tool we get people involved in a constructive process with an energetic vibe. We believe that well designed identities, presentations or workshops are part of a successful project and process.

Curious about our methods and work: or for a cup of coffee you are welcome at our studio!

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